Smartick Method: Math learning app

Hello friends 🙂

Gracie is in Pre-K and I have been trying to find ways for her to learn more and prepare for Kindergarten and I found the most amazing company to join us in our journey!

SMARTICK APP  is the best app for us to help Gracie learn math skills and build her confidence along the way. She has been able to become more independent and confident knowing she can think and solve problems on her own. The best part? she can do this anywhere and anytime 🙂 Last night she did it on our way to the store! And this is how it works:

When we signed up she was able to take a test to determine what level she was on and they were able to have her develope at her own pace. It also changes every day according to her needs which is what is my favorite part of Smartick. She also only does a session a day for 15 minutes and after each session is done I get an email with her results instantly. This allows me to go over her wrong answers and it shows us exactly how it is done. It has only been 3 weeks and I see a huge improvement! At the beginning she always had me read her the question or would always double check with me to make sure she was right. But now she is blooming! Learning that she is capable of solving them all on her own and learning as she goes.There are days she doesn’t do as well and she will tell me “it’s ok mama I will try again tomorrow” and there are days she learns a new problem she didn’t know how to solve the day before.

What an incredible feeling to know Gracie is progressing every single day.Not just in math skills but in everyday confidence!

If you were looking into signing your child up for a program like Kumon this is very similar and in some ways better for us. Click HERE so you can see the similarities and differences and decide what would work better for your child. You wont regret it!