Women’s Holiday Gift Guide

I wanted to do a holiday gift guide for women! Some of these things I bought myself or was gifted and some are on my wish list. I know sometimes it can be hard to find the perfect gift so I wanted to make things simple and easy for you 🙂 These are all one of a kind from small businesses. So you can gift the perfect gift to loved ones 🙂 If you love any of these items I added all the links to each item 🙂 That way you can have options! Hope this helps and you find something special to gift to your loved ones this year 🙂

1: This Tradlands sweater is a must! So cozy and so many different ways to wear it! Tradlands is focused on perfecting essentials for women, items that can be worn for many years with consciously sourced fabrics. A company that cares about their employees and customers. Making sure all items are ethically made. Such a beautiful gift for a loved one! You can use code: OHHAPPYUS15 to get 15% off your order 🙂

2: These artisan crafted boots are not only beautiful but very very comfortable. I wear them with jeans, skirts, dresses! Possibilities are endless. They have been making clogs since the 1900’s in Sweden! These handmade clogs take 24 hours to make a pair! Making clogs isn’t just about making shoes, its about art. This just shows you how special these are and the people making them for you. The perfect gift for a loved one 🙂 Use code: ohhappyus15 to get 15% off your purchase 🙂 Code ends Nov.23rd at 11:59pm and can’t combine with other offers.

3: I have been LOVING this small shop! I printed these and hung all over my home hehe. Perfect for Christmas decor and she also has other beautiful items you could gift to loved ones. Supporting small shops is the best way to go this year! 🙂

4: FIZZ FIZZ FIZZ! Can we talk about how much I love fizz? I mean yes, I am a fizz dealer. If you know me, you know that I sell Arbonne. This is my business and dream I decided to go for! I have been using Arbonne for over a year now. They focus on the mind, body and skin. Everything is Vegan, gluten free, non GMO, non toxic and clean! What more could you want? Oh wait- they are also a B Corporation! Yep- they truly are a company who cares about the people and planet. I also recommend our fizz to everyone! Provides natural energy+ B vitamins + antioxidants. My daily drink 🙂 Send me a message on my instagram for a discount I can give you 🙂

5: This cup is on my wish list for sure! I have purchased from this small shop and have fallen in love with everything they sell! But this ceramic cup I NEED haha This company is a consciously curated lifestyle shop, working with brands who give back to amazing causes. You would love everything on this shop!

6:Umm hello cute handmade clay earrings 🙂 Greda is a Spanish word for clay and I am in love with this company. It is a Latinx Owned company and she makes the most beautiful pieces. Such a great gift to gift to loved ones.

7: This organic “I can do hard things” sweatshirt is going on my wish list this year! This beautiful mama makes the most amazing hand drawn and hand carved designs that are so beautiful and one of a kind 🙂 Such a beautiful and special gift!

Hope you enjoyed these beautiful items. I realized the importance of supporting small owned shops and how special they all are. Times can be so crazy right now and having this as a creative outlet has helped me in so many ways. I hope you all enjoyed my post and can now get to know these companies and love them as much as I do. Have a blessed week friends. 🙂